One thing is for sure, mystic manor is one of our most interesting investigations we ever done ! We were ready for this investigation "we thought".

 We were there only 15 min. or so when we started hearing voices and seeing shadows.We started setting up the equipment,running cables,getting cameras sighted in,getting the digital recorders set up,placing motion detectors and so on ,thats when the owner started warning us of the spirits that haunted the manor.

Ron and I then started the walk through ,to get base readings and temp readings.Everything seemed normal till we sent the first team through.The first thing was that the piano bench moved.Ok ! Then there was music coming from upstairs. That was when we KNEW that we were in for a night of fantastic events.

We were all having things happen to us".One of our investigators was in the dining room looking around and then they heard a noise ,and upon turning around ,one of the chairs was out from the table,as if some one  got up from the table.

And then came the basement. Well thats when we felt the hate or evil of the house.Shadows peering out at us ,as if waiting to pounce on us.I was setting in one of the chairs ,when sha our investigators ask me to leave with her and get out of the basement.She acted as if she was fearing for her life.Then she told me that a shadow was lurking over my head. Well i started to feel ill. No joke i felt like i ate something rotten .I had to get up and go outside.I felt like everything in my body was ready to come up.

 To make it short,we did a dead time around 3:00am and all seen things that made us feel like leaving.

 So we ended the investigation with all kinds of evidence, pictures , recordings and lots more.

  Our findings are that Mystic Manor is most HAUNTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The face of a spirit is in the reflection of the mirror .Is it rex the handy man ?

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