December 9, 2010
Most new investigators just sit and wait ,hoping they will see a half human,half animal creature walking around.WELL they will have a long wait.Things like that are so rare that its almost 1,000,000 to 1 odds that you,ll see any thing like that.However images of human shapes are sometimes seen and even photographed.However long before something appears ,there are other things that are likely to happen.
What to look for are OUTWARD MANIFESTATIONS.There are many unusual things that may happen,like objects moving,sounds,visions,smells,etc. etc. A foul stench that fills a room during a investigation is a outward manifestation.So is light in forms of balls flying through the air are common manifestations.I for one am a little questionable about those balls of light."orbs".I have not seen any proof that orbs are paranormal.
Sounds you might hear might be knocking,foot steps,pounding,scratching sounds,growls,and even voices are outwards manifestations.Sound amplification equipment comes in handy when this takes place.Crying is vary common to hear as well as laughing.
Temperature changes are common during out brakes of paranormal phenomem.This to is a outward manifestation.When the room your in gets colder than the outside and no form of cooling equipment was used ,then you have evidence that the laws of physics have been violated.This is a nice piece of evidence !
Some investigators will find themselfs being touched.This is unnerving to say the least.In most cases the touching will be poking,pinching,and sometimes your clothes will get tugged.
Sometimes shadows will be seen.At times there will appear to be a black amorphous mist.This is called "an absence of light".This is called this because even in pitch black,this will be a darker spot.
Moving objects are common in hauntings.These objects can range from a coffee cup to a 400 pound refridgerator.Pictures may fly off the walls,furniture might slide across the floor.Doors and drawers may open and slam closed.Most of the time if your struck it will be with little force.Now in demonic hauntings ,objects may be propelled with enough force to injure.
Also common is the disapperence and reapperence  of objects.This can happen right under your nose.You might be taking notes and take a brake and when you come back your pen is missing but your notebook is still there.
One way to see if spirits are around ,is to place a penny on a table with heads up and ask the spirit to turn the penny over to tails,while your taking a brake.And when you return if the penny is turned to tails,its a sign that a spirit is there with you.I call this the paranormal penny test.
Those are just a few things that  a investigator might look for in investigating.
                                                Michael A


November 29, 2010
All i can say is WOW! We wasn,t even set up when one of our investigators began to hear music coming from the upstairs bedroom.So the investigation began.We set up night vision cameras and run cables ,set up the em pump and then took our digital cameras and voice recorders out of their boxes and went forth.
 Ron and I went through the house and did a walk through to get some bass readings first,then Ron took the first team through.Odd noises ,and shadows filled the team as they went through .T...

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Mystic Manor preview

November 17, 2010
WVP57 Went to pay a visit to Mystic Manor, and was blown away by the beauty and old world charm of this lovely home.Mike the manors owner gave us a history lesson on when it was built ,the first owners ,and the stories of some of the residences .We were told of Tress Hooge ,the wife of the owner and how her spirit now travels the upstairs hall way and goes into her old room "the windser or blue room".And we did a emf reading and had a vary good responce.Asking some questions and getting answe...
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November 12, 2010
Well its time for another investigation, and this week coming is a big one.We will be investigating the famous bed and breakfast MYSTIC MANOR off of rt 50 west next to parkersburg wv.
 We were told that this place is as far as paranormal activity goes , on a scale of 1 to 10 , its a 8.5 .WOW ! We were invited to come and do a investigation , to get to the bottom of the hauntings.We are told that guests leave in the middle of the night , saying that they hear running in the hallways ,and when o...

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October 30, 2010
We will be doing a investigation at "FLENDERATION TUNNEL" at salem wv. us rt.50 west,nov,1,2010 from 9:00pm to 5:30am.And we will be posting all the findings on the site. And we hope everyone will enjoy these findings interesting as we do.
thanks Michael Anderson "WVP57 founder/lead investigator"

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